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Below is information on your room’s exclusive amenities as well as frequently asked questions by guests. If your question is not found below or if you would like to speak to a Kramer Properties representative, contact us at (775)900-2833. We look forward to assisting you in any way possible.

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How to Operate the Sofa Bed?

What are the WIFI Credentials?

Name: Kramer Guest

Pass: blippWiFi09152020
100+ Free Wifi & Wireless Vectors

How do I use the coffee machine in the Clubhouse?

How do I use the hot plate?

  1. Plug power cord to power source and unit will beep once and the On/Off indicator will flash. This shows power is connected and the unit is in standby mode.
  2. Place a suitable cookware in the center of the cooking zone.
  3. Touch the On/Off key and the display will show [ …. ]. The On/Off indicator remains lit. Appliance is now in selection mode.
  4. Touch the mode key to select the desired function (Cook or Temp) to begin operation. If no selection is made within 60 seconds, the fan will run for a few seconds and the unit will return to stand by mode.
  5. Touch the < or > button to adjust cooking level or temperature setting.
  6. Touch the On/Off key again to stop operation.

How do I use the Noise Reducer?

How do I use the coffee machine in my room?