Nevada Museum of Art

Nevada Museum of Art was founded in 1931 by Dr. James Church who was a climate scientist, humanitist, and art enthusiast. The Premise of his museum is to see how people interact with their surroundings. It is Nevada’s only accredited art museum.
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Shine Dance Center

Shine Dance Center is a dance studio here in midtown. They are not only beginner friendly, but also have classes for adults! Get your groove on at Shine Dance.
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Century Riverside 12

Century Riverside is a movie theater located 8 minutes away from Kramers Midtown. Go catch the newest blockbuster and grab a bucket of popcorn for a movie night out!


Reno is known for its nightlife and wouldn’t be complete without the town’s famous “Row.” The Row is set within the center of downtown and offers many different gambling options within their casino resorts, along with other activities. A fun night on the town wouldn’t be complete without checking in on Reno’s finest gambling on The Row.